Saturday, 3 November 2012

What did you just say, *hu-hum,* SING?

When people are suicidal, they tend to turn to music, right? Well, how true is that saying? Pop music, the music that fills the charts these days, I know - draaaaaaag, don't really tend to be inspirational in any sort of way, they only sing about girls, love, sex, & drugs. But rock music is different. Punk-rock bands, such as My Chemical Romance, Deaf Havana, Iron Maiden, Green Day & You Me At Six write lyrics which affect people in an unforgettable way. When people are suicidal, 80% of them will turn to Rock Music. I think it's because many band members have gone through hard times, such as alcolism, depression, drug abuse or even been suicidal themselves, and they include their feelings at that time in their music. Some of my favourite lyrics are mostly said by Gerard Way, Josh Franceschi, Chris Martin, Billy-Joe Armstrong, Jared Leto, yeah and many more. When I feel depressed, or fed up of school work and my life-style, the song that comes on right away is 'Alibi - 30 Seconds To Mars,' and then following with -

'Sleep' - My Chemical Romance
'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' - Green Day
'Hallelujah' - Paramore
'Fireworks' - You Me At Six
'No One Does It Better' - You Me At Six
'A Beautiful Lie' - 30 Seconds to Mars
'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)' - My Chemical Romance
'Famous Last Words' - My Chemical Romance
'Stop The Clocks' - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
'Resistance' - Muse

I know, they are quite depressing songs but they really do cheer me up, as they sing about my feelings at that moment. So, whenever I feel moody even, I put my headphones into my iPod & put these fantastic songs on shuffle, while lying down on my bed. And 90% of the times, I end up smiling up at the ceiling, happy with my life. I also take a look at some inspirational quotes. (I know, I am quite weird, but it helps me.) So, yeah, I'll put some of my favourite quotes down below, so if you're feeling fed up of life one day, remember that these pictures are on this very blog.


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