Sunday, 28 October 2012

We'll Taste It Like Sugar.

This is a short post on one of my new favourite 18 year old's in the world. That's right. Jake Bugg is probably the coolest guy on Earth right now, with an unforgettable voice & of course, he's gorgeous. As 'Taste It,' was single of the week on iTunes, and free so even though I hadn't heard any of his songs or even heard about him at that time, I downloaded it & geez was it a great idea of mine! I'm on the edge to buying his new CD from HMV, or Amazon, even though the CD is £9.00 on Amazon, it's better than buying it on iTunes I guess. 'Two Fingers,' his other single was released a while ago now, & the video's had over 1 million hits on YouTube. Give it a look in your spare time! And not only that, he has some inspirational lyrics for 'Taste It' which really made me think, 'You only have one life. Let's go live it in full, don't waste any time.'

"Filled my head with the future, fill my eyes with the sky,
          Hold my life get left behind, but I never felt more alive.
I speak conversations, speeding it down the line,
Locked in your eyes I just had this goodbye,
But I never felt more alive.


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