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The Art Of 'Danger Days.'

You're all probably wondering 'what's this whole 'art of Danger Days thing she has going on?' Well, I can tell you all now, guys, this astonishing album was created and role-played by my favourite band - My Chemical Romance. Not only has this album sold double platinum here in the UK, but is also the album that influenced many young people to become artists, & to stand up for themselves no matter what. As Gerard Way automatically adds to any interview he has, 'Be Yourself. And don't take anyone's shit,' it's obviously going to play a great deal in the album. Mikey Way takes a turn into his circle of life, as he leaves his 'poker face' for a brand-new 'don't mess with me' face that I truly love, and admire. And did I also add that he is super handsome and the love of my life? Yes, well, there's always one ;).

So, what influenced the band on creating such a different-sound to 'The Black Parade?'
Well, My Chemical Romance have said that 'The Black Parade' was a difficult task to succeed as they thought the record company told them what to do & controlled how they created their music whereas Danger Days was all down to them themselves, with Gerard writing the inspirational lyrics & Frank, Mikey, Ray & Bob (in a few songs, as he very sadly left the band with no reason,) composing the up-beat rock sounds. They've even added a track which the fans could dance to! Where did that come from?! Planetery (GO!) is definitely one of my all-time favourite tracks which I find myself singing loudly to every time, even though I'm listening to it with my iPod, so I look kind of weird. But, as the band say, 'Don't listen to anyone else, & it doesn't matter what they think, as long as you're happy, nothing else matters,' so I'll take that advice very fondly. 

This album is basically about the four kilijoys, as Gerard was very fond in creating comic books as a teenager, therefore wanted to create an album as a story-teller. All four members have their very own comical name! How cooler can this get, guys? Gerard as the front-man, gets 'Party Poison,' and also a song for himself, named 'Party Poison,' Mikey Way, Gerard's gorgeous brother, as 'Kobra Kid,' and sadly doesn't get a track of his own but Dr. Death Defying mentions him in a short re-cap of the story in the album, 'Jet Star' is the band's guitarist, Ray Toro, and Frank Iero, as the rhythm guitarist is the 'Fun Ghoul.' The evil corporation called, 'The Better Living Industries' are after the 'Little Girl,' whose also Gerard & Mikey's cousin FYI, and the four kilijoys are out to stop them. The videos 'Na Na Na,' and 'Sing' are all about the kilijoys trying to get the 'Little Girl' back into their arms, safely without the evil corporation taking over the world. But, sadly, they fail & they all end up dead. (Not really, in the video only, in case I've got you all panicked...) I'll put the link for these incredible videos from YouTube at the end for you all, as I'm too nice.

What tracks are on this CD then?
Well, I'll give you the track list to start off, & then some information on how amazing these tracks are & a little info on how 'The Kids From Yesterday' is the most inspirational song in the world. 
1. Look Alive, Sunshine.
2. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na)
3. Bulletproof Heart.
4. Sing.
5. Planetery (GO!)
6. The Only Hope For Me Is You.
7. Jet Star & The Kobra Kid/Traffic Report.
8. Party Poison.
9. Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back.
10. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
11. Summertime.
12. Destroya.
13. The Kids From Yesterday.
14. Goodnite, Dr. Death.
15. Vampire Money.
So, there is the track list, and as I stated above, I'm now going to talk you through how the video 'The Kids From Yesterday' was created. Emily, being a massive fan of the band, created a fan-video on YouTube on how the band have grown-up according to their music, & personalities, she included many video-takes from their very first tour, & recent tapes, and a few quotes from the band along the way. Now, one of the band members instantly saw this on YouTube and decided to give Emily a call, in order to ask her to direct their video for 'The Kids From Yesterday.' She obviously agreed & she wrote on MCR's blog all about the video. To me, it is the greatest video I have ever come across, but as we all know, everyone has their own opinions, which makes me angry when coming across rude, armature people posting hate-comments about the band on one of their videos. It's simple; if you don't like the band, don't watch their video's and more than that, don't comment. Anyway, enough of me raging on to you all on how much I love these babes, I think it's about time I give you the link for 'The Kids From Yesterday,' as this video is so special, it deserves a link straight away. ;-

Okay, I have come to the end of this blog post for now, so I hope you've all learnt enough on Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Kilijoys, and please don't leave hate comments on YouTube, because many people will take advantage of this, & just call you twats, or something rude. And there's nothing worse than coming across something stupid like that. Anyway, Live Fast, Die Young. That's enough from me for now, I apologize for my lack in blogging recently, I've been busy with school work. I promise it shall never happen again, so bye for now, guys! Enjoy! - Na Na Na. - Sing.

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