Monday, 13 August 2012

YOU ME AT SIX! *and breathe.*

If you know me personally, you'd know how much i'm in love with You Me At Six. They are my heroes, my inspirations (even though their men, & i am a teenage girl) but they truly are my idols.

Josh Franceschi, Max Helyer, Chris Miller, Matt Barnes & Dan Flint are now known as the Best British Band, & also, true babes, and hilarious boys. Max Helyer is my celebrity crush..with all his tattoos, his dreamy eyes, his gorgeous hair..okay, I need to keep calm & carry on, see what I did there? ;-) Not only are they known for their unforgettable concerts, and partying, but their hilarious personalities offstage. Josh as the cute young one, being the ladies' favorite, but he's only ever had one girlfriend after all, Max being the wild, and hilarious one, fooling around, annoying the others but his adorableness saves it all. Matt is known as the sensible, older member, but still very funny & nice at the same time, Dan is known as the hard-core, mysterious one, leaving girls swooning over his six pack. But, I don't blame them, he is gorgeous. And finally, Chris, the shy one, the nice one, but still very funny when he wants to be. You can obviously make out that I've been watching their tour videos on YouTube ;-)

So, what are You Me At Six, really? Where are they from? What genre?
Well, i have the answer for you right here guys! You Me At Six are a pop-punk, rock band, inspired by Incubus, Blink 182 and many other punk bands. Their originally from Weybridge, Surrey. The band started out as a pop-punk band, performing only at small concerts, or gigs, but they then decided to create an album of their own, which was released in 2008, where they rose to fame with 'Take Off Your Colours,' which included some great songs, from 'Save It For The Bedroom' to a heart-clenching ballad, 'Always Attract.' This album is a must-buy in my point of view. ;D Okay, I need to cool down. Their original drummer, Joe Phillips, got kicked out the band, and got replaced by the one-and-only..Dan Flint, just before the release of their first album. They were then nominated for 'Best British Band' at the 2008, 2009 & 2010 Kerrang! Awards, but sadly losing every time due to Bullet For My Valentine, but finally earning their place as the best british band in last year's awards.
Their second album came shortly afterwards, on the 11th of January, 2010, called 'Hold Me Down.' This album is amazing. It's constantly on repeat with me, I just can't get enough of them! This album reached number 5 in the UK charts, & was said to be 'their best album yet.' But in my opinion, Sinners Never Sleep, their third album totally tops every other album they've released. Anyway, this album included the popular singles, 'Underdog,' 'Fireworks,' and the unforgettable 'Liquid Confidence.' Wow, what a song. But my favorite has to be 'Hard To Swallow' or 'Trophy Eyes.'
Moving on to their third album, their current album in all accounts, Sinners Never Sleep. What a frikinnnn' album, guyssssss!;D WOW. I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! Released on the 3rd of October, 2011, this album reached no.3 in the UK Charts, including the famous songs 'Loverboy' and 'Bite My Tongue' or my favorite 'The Dilemma,' which is definitely one of my favorite songs of all time. Oli Sykes, the frontman of Bring Me The Horizon has appeared in 'Bite My Tongue,' making the song unique with his outstanding vocals & screaming. FYI, I know every word, believe it or not ;-)

To make things even more exciting for me, and for all you sixers reading this, Josh, Matt & Max have clothing lines! Down But Not Out is the most known line, as Josh could be known as the most famous of them all. But my favorite has to be Antique, Max Helyer's clothing line, and that's not because I have a massive crush on him. I'd do anything to meet him. But, the unisex t-shirts and hoodies really are amazing, and very attractive.

I could go on & on forever about You Me At Six to you guys, but I'm afraid I must go now, and I'd probably bore you to death with all my fantasizing! Anyway, I know I say this all the time, but if you have any spare time, and you're a punk-rock, alternative lover, listen to these babes, and you won't regret it. I've gotten my best friend obsessed with them too, and we're definitely going to watch them live next year, along with My Chemical Romance. They are a true inspiration of mine, & I'll never get over them, even if I tried. (Which I most probably won't.) ;D

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