A Note

So, yeah, thanks for reading my blog. I don't really know what to say right now, but I'm Rhian, and I love to blog, & write stories, and no, I'm not officially a nerd.
Music is my inspiration, it has been since I was a tiny child. Singing is my passion. Performing is my weakness; I get stage fright. I don't like composing, I suck at it, but life goes on.
This blog is mostly planned on reviews on albums, statements on bands - this can vary from new bands, or the bands I like.
I don't want much in life. Basically, I just want a guy to love me, have kids & die wrinkly & old with a massive smile on my face, thinking back to all the good times I had when I were younger, which technically means now, my teenage years. So, that brings me back to why we should live life to the limit. It doesn't matter if you don't pass the math test, or if you didn't say 'yes' to a guy you secretly liked. You shouldn't have any regrets, if you look back; you're going the wrong way.
Anyhow, enough of me blabbing on about my commitments, let's go back to the music.

Here's a list of the things you should look for in a band. :
1. Great bass kicks, & strumming.
2. The drums' beat. The faster, the better.
3. The lead singer's vocals, their tone in voice, the long high notes, if they make you shiver - you have a fucking great band.
4. The lyrics. Are they inspirational? If they moan about anything, it's rubbish. A song must have a story behind it.
5. The electric guitar riffs - do they make the music sound awesome, or do they ruin the whole song? A song isn't a great one without a guitar, guys!
6. The music put together.

So, again, thanks for reading this blog, it's about the bands that inspire me.


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