Sunday, 2 December 2012

Give Me Inspiration!

So, here I am, sitting cross-legged on my bed, typing this out right now, with my iPod in, and a magazine beside me, and wondering what the hell to do for Graphics. Being a Graphics pupil, I am supposed to re-design a logo. And being a huge fan of music, it's kind of obvious what logo I've decided on -  MTV. But, I am stuck. It's like a puzzle. I don't know where the pieces fit. Re-designing logo's are harder than you'd imagine. And having to fill two A3 pages from my sketchbook, it's pretty hard! And that's not only the problem, considering Graphics is involved with a laptop/computer, it's easy to get distracted. I always 'somehow' end up on YouTube, Blogger or the iTunes Store, and I never get my homework done in time. Yep, life sucks. You're now probably wondering what this post has got to do with music, right? Well, my teacher once told me personally, that music inspires you into drawing, sketching, designing or whatever. And I do believe her, but maybe I'm not normal, because I get so lost into the music, I end up day-dreaming of my love life, or how amazing seeing that band live would be. But, one band really does help inspire me - You Me At Six. Especially their second album, 'Hold Me Down.' I don't know what it is with this album, but the lyrics aren't too emotional, so I don't end up day dreaming. The beat keeps me going.

So, if you're an Art or Graphics student, who might be stuck on what to do with their work, listen to 'Hold Me Down,' either on iTunes, or there's a preview of the full album on YouTube. The video's down below, if you can't find it. And who knows? You might've found yourselves a new favourite band guys! The best song in the track, has to be 'Trophy Eyes,' or 'Underdog.' The soft ballad in this album, is 'Fireworks.' And my gosh, what a song. So emotional. So I try not to listen to this during the first tracks. I honestly love this album. You Me At Six were the band that brought me to the world of Rock music, so I love them dearly for that reason. They changed my life, the way I looked at things. I'm no longer the scared little girl, who was too afraid to show who she really is, I'm confident about myself. My personality. My looks, I don't care what people think of me. As long as you've got a loving family, and great friends, and that one best friend to share everything with, you're doing great, right? Most people would add, 'the boy you love,' to that list, but personally, I don't think having a boyfriend/girlfriend affects showing who you really are. You have to be yourself in order to find that one person who'll love you back, for who you are and not for who you want to be. Myself, for example, a boy likes me at school, and I like him back, but we're both the shyest people ever when it comes to expressing our feelings towards one another in front of other people. But, that's us, that's how we are. And we've liked each other for around 4-5 years, I know, loooooooong time, but yeah, that's us. So, be yourself, and you'll find the one. You'll find your-true-self. I promise.


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