Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Little Over The Top.

Ok, having being a lucky git today, after spending my day in Cardiff shopping, mostly in HMV, River Island, & Starbucks, (everyone has to have a coffee break, right?), I bought 5 CD's. Yes, you read correctly, 5 CD's in HMV. The 'two for £10,' offer gets me too excited for my own good. But, 5 CD's for me is nothing compared to my maximum of 10 CD's all in one go, so I did pretty well today, even though Mum had to stop me from picking other CD's up from that magnificent aisle. I'm guessing you want to know what CD's I bought, right? No? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway, as it is my blog after all, right?

Ok, so the first CD I picked up was, 'The Killers - Sam's Town.' Now, The Killers are one of my all time favourite bands, not only because Brandon Flowers is the love of my life, but also because of their unusual rock n' roll music. I have not yet heard all the album, as I've just got back from Cardiff, but it's progressing, and I'm now on track 6, 'Read My Mind,' which is fucking fab, if you're asking me! I own 3 of The Killers' album at the moment, their brand new album will be in my arms on my birthday, and Brandon Flowers' CD will be mine this Christmas. 24 DAYS TO GO. Anyway, I have not yet persuaded my parents to let me see them live next year, as they do cost quite a bit, per person. And me & my friend are desperate to see them live. Yep, I admitt it, I would like to see a lot of bands live, but The Killers are the only band my parents would let me watch, or You Me At Six, because of their lack in swearing in their CD's. Anyway, 'Sam's Town' is now synced into my iPod Nano, ready to be listened to every morning on the bus to school.

The second CD I picked up was 'Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More.' Mumford & Sons aren't exactly my cup of tea, but having listened to them on MTV Rocks, and on YouTube, I have to admit, some of their songs send shivers down my back. 'The Cave,' 'Sigh No More,' and 'Little Lion Man,' are some of the greatest songs I've heard, and they all have a story behind them. I have not yet listened to the album yet, but once I do, I'll let you all know my opinion on it. Plan!

Ok, as me & my friends decided to do Secret Santa this year, I picked my friend's name from the box, and she did ask me for 'Fun.'s CD, so as it was a chart CD, and the chart CD's were 'Two for £15,' I decided to buy another CD to get the full price of this wonderful deal, and there was one solution. JAKE BUGG. Yep, Jake Bugg's CD is now in my rack, and synced into iTunes, & my iPod Nano, very exciting stuff guys. Not only is he one of the most gorgeous 18 year old's in this whole universe, his voice, oh his voice, is so relaxing, and the lyrics describe my life so much. I know I say this all the time, but he truly is an inspiration to many young adults, and teenagers. As Jake said himself, 'I'm keeping that X Factor shit off the top spot.' Let's see if that works out, which I'm sure it will.

The last CD I got off the rack, was The Script's new CD for my little sister for Christmas. She seriously loves this band. I'm not too fond of them myself, but everyone has different opinion's on things. Now, obviously, I haven't listened to this CD, as it's wrapped up in gold wrapping paper ready for the big day. The only song I like from this band is 'For The First Time,' once this came out, I instantly fell in love with it. The lyrics, and his voice, wow. I'm sure my sister will love this present, and she honestly deserves it. We fight, we argue, we say horrible things to each other, even though we don't mean it, but I do really love her. And she's not only a sister to me, but a best friend. And at the end of the day, we tell each other everything, and the least I could do is get her a great present which she'd love.

So, as you're probably guessing, I spent a whole hour in HMV today, and I would've been a lot longer, but I got dragged out, which was such a depressing moment. But, whenever you pass this shop, make sure that you nip in for a quick look, & you might get inspired by these amazing offers, and try not to be like me, buying all the CD's I want before Christmas, or you'll be sad on the day with nothing to open. But, yeah, LIVE FAST & DIE YOUNG. xo

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