Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Official Band Tees.

No, this is not what you may think it is. This is no post about One Direction's tees or Justin Bieber's or any other Pop artists out there. This is a post about my favourite band tees, from some of my favourite bands. And again, no, you may not like the same bands as me, but hey! Who cares? We all have different tastes in music, right? I'm more of a punk-rock chick, whereas you there, could be interested in Jazz or even Classical for that matter. But that doesn't mean we don't have a right to listen to our own style of music. This blog is about punk-rock band tees, as you may now know, it's kind of obvious that it was going to be. ^ 'Rock n' Roll baby; Rock n' Roll' might be a slight clue for you all, & if you've read my other posts.
Blink 182 - Smiley Face

Band tee #1.
Blink 182's classic smiley face tee. The colours in this attractive t-shirt are quite dull, but could easily be teamed with some leather leggings, or black jeans, with quite bright coloured shoes, like red vans (if you're lucky enough to own them - jealous is an understatement,) or even just some bright old, average shoes you own. Blink 182 have some amazing t-shirt designs, which, if I had the money, I'd buy no matter what. Not being a massive fan in their music, but they sure do have some great tracks, that I very fondly came across on iTunes the other day, like 'All The Small Things,' 'I Miss You,' & 'First Date.'

My Chemical Romance 'California 2019
Charcoal T-shirt.'
Band tee #2.
I know, I know, I'm coming back to MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE again. Hmm, obsessive much? No, I'm joking. Anyway, back to the important facts. This is my favourite t-shirt by the band, considering the others were quite plain, & this had the american flag on it, which apparently is in fashion right now, or at least used to be.. Shows how much I'm with it. And it clearly states the band's name, and obviously comes from the band's fourth album - Danger Days, (see last post for details on the album.) I'd pair this with a pair of ripped shorts & black tights, with converses, and a leather jacket, but that's up to you obviously. If you'd like to listen to their music, I'd most probably recommend 'The Kids From Yesterday,' 'Teenagers,' 'Famous Last Words,' 'Helena,' or 'Welcome To The Black Parade.' Keep Running!

Guns N' Roses 'Drum Strappy Vest.'

Band tee #3.
Not only has this vest top been worn by a lot of girls, & boys for that matter, (and I mean A LOT, even the people who've never even heard one single from the band, which I find unrealistically annoying, I mean, why buy a band tee of a band you never listen to?) but it is one fucking amazing design! As I am doing graphics for my GCSE's this year, it's kind of an unforgettable experience coming across designs such as these. I love the large logo placed in the middle, as other bands tend to place their name in a small font, with unnecessary images around it. I would team this original up with some ripped coloured jeans, or even plain ripped jeans, with a bright cardigan, & some toms, or coloured vans.

Deaf Havana 'Ladies Young and
Unemployment T-shirt (Navy)'

Band Tee #4.
Deaf Havana have earned a large place inside my heart. Owning one of their albums, 'Fools And Worthless Liars,' it's hard not to fall in love with the sweet tone of the lead singer's voice, & the constant guitar strumming, with the beat of the drums. 'Hunstanton Pier' has got to be the biggest heart-breaker song you'll ever come across. I'll be doing a post on this amazing band very soon! Anyway, this t-shirt's statement are an unforgettable and inspirational lyrical quote. Being this plain, it won't be hard to team up with some coloured trousers, or even bright shorts & black tights, if you're aiming for the 'ultimate rock chick over here' look. Some purple or red vans would look great with this tee, & a leather jacket, & some bracelets, (if you're female obvsiously - I wouldn't recommend covering your arm in bracelets if you were male. It would seem wrong.)

Green Day 'Gun & Flower T-Shirt'

Band Tee #5.
This is the last of all the band tees I'm introducing to you all tonight, as I have to go to the gym. I know, I'm trying to keep fit before stuffing my face during Christmas time. This tee has come from one of my favourite bands - Green Day. Not being Green Day's fan before buying 'American Idiot' in HMV on my trip to Cardiff one day, I came across this while searching for my You Me At Six tee, which has got too big on me now, after wearing it so much & losing a bit of weight at the gym :(. But, I still tuck it into my trousers, same thing! Moving onto the important details now, this tee is incredibly aligned, as it shows opposites attract with a gun & a flower. It clearly shows the band's name, which you can flaunt to many Green Day lovers, & make them jealous as I am with my You Me At Six shirt, as you may imagine. This tee is fitted, therefore you can also flaunt your curves girls! Sadly, this design is not made for men, but then again, buy two sizes bigger, and it won't be fitted! But, then again, I wouldn't take everything I say as I'm not a fashion expert. ;) Okay, I'd team this up with leather leggings for definite, as the tee is white, which is much easier to team up with than any other colour. You obviously will need to add a bit of colour to your outfit, maybe with your shoes, again, with bright coloured vans, or converses, or even just your plain canvas shoes. This would also look nice with your DM's, or just plain biker boots, if your aiming for the 'rock n' roll chick.' I'd wear a leather jacket, or a red cardigan too.

I hope you've all had a taster on what band tee's mean to the world, & how you can wear them in many ways, not only to watch them live, (if you're extremely lucky that is,) but to go shopping, or even just a casual day out. I have to dash now, < very English, I apologize. I'm off to the gym now, happy days! Live Fast & Die Young. xo

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